Anini Reloaded....EPISODE 6

Lagos state:
The tricycle we boarded from the park slowed down
as we approached a well fenced building painted
with yellow.
Ovo tapped the guy to stop at the front of the
building and we both alighted and took our luggage.
Deep inside me I sensed enjoyment with Ovo,
especially after seeing the conducive building which
I felt was his property and he alone stayed in it.
We walked inside through the small gate and went
to the second apartment. It’s a self contain
The door to the house was opened which indicated
that there was someone inside. Immediately we
entered I smelled a pleasant aroma from the
kitchen. I wanted to question Ovo about the smell
when a slim light complexioned lady of average
height, walked to the sitting room and gave Ovo a
welcome hug and smiled at me as I greeted her.
She looked nice and accommodating and without
any doubt I presumed she would be a good match
for my bro.
She collected our bags and took them inside the
room, I was left alone in the sitting room as Ovo
followed her to the room.
After spending some time together they came out to
join me;
OVO: Eli, this is the little paradise i am managing
for now, I plan to rent a two bed room flat by next
month and I don’t mind if you move down with me.
You are welcome to Lagos my friend.
ME: Thank you brother, you have done me well by
bringing me down with you, and I promise to pay
back in due course.
OVO: There is nothing to pay back, more so I still
owe you alot. Less I forget, the lady beside me is
“my future, my life, my yoriyori and to crown it up
my world” her name is Imabong
(She was just smiling at the same time winking at
me whenever our eyes met)
ME: Wow bro, congratulations!! Imabong i’m Eli by
name and I am happy to meet you
IMMAGBON: I’m also please to meet you
(waving her hands at me)
OVO: Imabong told me she cooked my favourite
calabar soup called ‘Edikang-Ikong’, that we should
go to the dining and fill our stomach.
Ovo and I went to the dinning and watched
Imabong as she served the meal. I couldn’t resist
the meal though its my first time of coming across
it. Although I have heard of it several times.
I just told myself to ride on with the soup when it
comes whether sweet or bitter, in order not to get
Ovo sad.
The soup really tasted good especially the fresh
pumpkin leaf which was inside, but I didn’t like the
fact that one have to suck the periwinkle from the
shell, it looked irritating and I could not eat much
because of that, as I lost my appetite seeing
Imabong and Ovo doing so.
I felt Imabong noticed that, I was irritated by it but
she just pretended to pay less attention to me
IMMAGBON: “You don’t like pounded yam I guess?
ME: I like it, just that I ate alot before embarking on
the trip.
At the other end of the dinning, Sweat was rushing
off from Ovo’s body, which showed how much he
enjoyed the meal as he was concentrating without
altering a word.
As soon as we finished eating Ovo made some calls
and took photocopies of my credentials to some
clients and managers who were his friends.
Immediately he left Imabong and I started
discussing, she told me she noticed I don’t like the
food she prepared but convinced me to eat it more
often as it was rich in vitamins because of the
vegetables in it.
“I let her know i’m a good cook but i don’t like the
shell of the periwinkle that was put inside the soup,
on hearing this she promised not to put them
She went on to teach me how to prepare the soup.
“She said the soup was special to her people, and
that the delicacy is prepared with pumpkin leaves
which they call ikong in calabar dialect but others
called it ugwu, water leaf (mong Ikong), fish, meat,
periwinkle (mfi ikpok), palm oil, cray fish and other
essential ingredients.
“She said It can be eaten with either garri, fufu,
amala, tuwo, semovita or pounded yam. At the end
of the tutorial on how to cook Edikang-Ikong Soup
she left for her room to take a nap.
— — — —
It was almost 6:30pm and Ovo had not yet
returned. I started feeling dizzy and decided to
sleep on the chair in the sitting room.
I had not slept up to 20mins when I felt some soft
touches at the bottom of my feet, after some time it
started moving to the femur of my leg. It wasn’t
long when I felt a full hand massaging all over my
body, I stood up in haste and found Imabong
wearing just her panties and bra. She told me to
relax and let her have her way to me but I rebuke
her, telling her such attitude is against the will of
God as well as my culture. She kept on resisting as
she fell on me, trying to kiss me and also holding
me firm to herself.
I tried to explain to her but she did not want to
listen as the urge in her grew beyond my
comprehension, I had to push her away with a
fiercely touch which made her hurt. She started
crying that I had injured her and she would tell Ovo
when he returned, I assisted her up and pleaded
that she should not do such but she rushed at me
again begging me to just engage in one round with
her, complaining that her sharwama is very hot and
needs my joystick badly.
I kept on resisting her so-called hot sharwama,
which makes her to further increase the threat,
promising to make me face her wrath in the house
unless I comply.
I turned her request down again because i’m a man
of my word, which made her got angrier the more.
She vowed to give me a tough time in the house
and block my success, as I walked out of the house
to wait for Ovo outside.
I tried to contact Ovo on phone but couldn’t due to
low network coverage, I ended up spending some
time waiting outside before he finally came.
OVO: Why are you outside?
ME: I was worried you hadn’t returned since you
OVO: Brother its not easy, I promised to get you a
job and i had to stay with my real guys for long just
to accomplished this goal. Well the manager of
Century Dyes & Chemicals Ltd. at Km 33, Lagos-
Badagry Expressway, has agreed to make you his
sales manager. He said for a start your salary will
be two hundred and fifty thousand naira, then if you
please the firm with your work there will be an
increment with a well furnished apartment.
ME: JESUS!!! Are you saying the truth or i’m
OVO: If you think its a dream you better wake up
ME: you are really a brother, in short you are my
OVO: Don’t mention, God only used people to help
his children. Let’s go inside I’ll take you there
tomorrow to start but for the now we have to

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