Lady whose bank account was emptied by fraudsters calls out Diamond Bank for refusal to rectify it. (Read)

A lady by the name of Osas Vanessa Eghobamien took to Facebook to call out Diamond Bank for fraudulent activities that took place on her account.
According to her, her account was emptied on January 19th and since then she has been running around trying to get it rectified and nothing is being done.
Read what she wrote below…
 I am being forced to finally go public on this matter hoping Diamond Bank will finally take the right action. It is either someone is not doing their job, not doing it right or something shady is going down in that bank. 
I got back from from my masters degree studies with all my savings from my salaries and potential investment for at least the first few months of 2017. A few weeks after, January 19th 2017 to be precise, my account was miraculously internet ‘phished’ of all my money, leaving 1000 naira. Since then, I have done all the follow-up possible to get my cash back. 
At first, Diamond Bank assured me that the accounts that the monies had been transferred to had been flagged and blocked and they were going to retrieve my money. I was assured that by 8th February 2017, the case would be closed and resolved and they promised to continue to give feedback. Do you know that Diamond Bank never gave any form of feedback? I had to be the one calling incessantly. Even after the deadline date passed, I still had to be calling and following up. I even had to reach one of the managers who got access to the person supposedly handling my case in the fraud team. Since then till now, I have still been hearing the same story from them “the case is still open and we will get back to you when we find something”. The last time I called, it was as if they had even forgotten the case even existed but yet, my account is still blocked and I have received no response. 
This same thing has happened to so many people and it seems the bank does not even care. The security system of the bank is not good enough in the first place; if not how do fraudsters get the names and email addresses of their customers without much ado? Enough of keeping silent about this! 
I have been able to live my life since this occurrence, thank God for His faithfulness; but what I hate the most is the lack of interest and lackadaisical attitude towards my case from Diamond bank. Not even a single feedback, even allowing it to get to the point that it seemed I was being a pest. It is too poor!!!

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