“Flexing with my ex” — Secondary School boy sparks outrage as he Kisses his girlfriend

Yet another South African teenage couple is making the news after they were pictured kissing and while on their school uniform.
The young secondary school boy Identified as Sosa Vaughn, shared photos of himself kissing his “Ex-Girlfriend” in public and wrote on his Instagram; “I’m Back Flexing with my ex”.
Sosa immediately took down the photos, after the serious bashing he received from the online community.
While many felt it was so cute, others say he is too young to engaged in such PDA. He pulled down the photo…. But rather than being remorseful for days or perhaps stay off social media till he grows up, he returns again later and posted a photo of himself with the caption;
“I’m finna stop flex on my ex and get back flexing with her”.
We have seen incidences like this from that part of Africa in recent times.

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