news: US declares cash reward for information on Nigerian wanted for fraud



The South Bureau Recovery Team, Los Angeles, California has pronounced a 52-year-old Nigerian distinguished as Joseph Omaghomi a.k.a (Jesse Green) needed for affirmed data fraud. 

Omaghomi, is needed on charges of wholesale fraud, lawful offense, sidestepping and opposing capture. His last known areas are said to be in California and Nigeria. 

As indicated by a facebook message shared by South Bureau Recovery Team, there is a money compensate for data prompting the capture of Joseph Omaghomi. 

The message states…

”CA$H REWARD for information leading to the arrest of: Joseph Omaghomi (AKA Jesse Green)
”ID#:1695090 D.O.B.: 02/18/1965 Age: 52
”Last Known Location(s): Highland, CA; Redlands , CA; Nigeria
”Charge(s): Identity Theft; Felony Evading; Resisting Arrest
”Call with info for Reward: 951-218-7799.”

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